Monday, 7 November 2011

Living the Jesus Prayer

I have just started to read another book on the Jesus Prayer which in it's down-to-earth and common sense approach bears comparison with Frederica Mathewes-Green's book on the same subject, albeit in a shorter form. The author, Irma Zaleski, is a member of the Madonna House community of Combremere, Ontario, the organization founded by the late Catherine de Heuck Doherty, author of Poustina and other books. Zaleski is the author of several other books, including "God Is Not Reasonable," "The Way of Repentance," and "Living the Jesus Prayer ." "The Way of Repentance" was one of "Christianity Today "'s favourite books of 1999.

It's a good book to buy as a simple introduction to the Jesus Prayer and is full of sensible comforting advice like: "It is better not to worry too much about the breathing, especially at the beginning. If we practice saying the Prayer regularly, this synchronization tends to happen on it's own." (page 12) Or honesty like: "I took up the Prayer without much enthusiasm...Before too long, I began to be bored by it..." (page 9)

She also underlines the need for support and encouragement from others, especially Fr Briere, who helped her through the bored stage and into the regular discipline needed to transform the Prayer from something said to something prayed. Altogether a great introduction to one of the Church's greatest prayers and a good book to have on your church bookstall.

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