Friday, 6 September 2013

Every Day with Jesus - saying the Jesus Prayer 4

The Prayer didn't seem to go so well today in the sense that there was much noise outside with the builders who are repairing the sewage pipe to the house arrived early when I was about 100 prayers in. There were many thoughts and distractions bombarding me and it was really hard to focus and concentrate. Maybe that was why my eyes were a little wet after managing to make 300 prayers?

Again noticed a change in the way I prayed the prayer today.  The way I said the words seemed to change at some point as I seemed to get more into them in some way. It's like skating on ice one moment and falling through into the water the next!

However sometimes I guess prayer is sometimes just the sheer determination to go on and say the prayer, repeatedly coming back to the words every time I am distracted. It's a kind of offering, a sacrifice, to God.

A thought did occur to me in the first 100. It suggested that this was a waste of my time, spending over 35 minutes saying the same words over and over again. And for a short period I did start to calculate how it all added up. 30 mins a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year! But I managed to drag myself back to the prayer and tell myself that trying to focus on Jesus was and is never a waste of time.

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