Thursday, 5 September 2013

Simple Guidelines on saying the Jesus Prayer

1. Commit to daily Prayer.
2. Select a quiet place for your prayer.
3. Prepare to enter into a conversation with your God.
4. Sit or stand quietly, and let go of all thoughts of your daily life.
5. Repeat the prayer slowly over and over for at least 15 minutes working up to 30 minutes.
6. Concentrate on the prayer with vigour. When you find your mind wanders immediately bring your attention back to the words of the prayer.
7. Use of a prayer rope can help you concentrate.
8. When finished with your prayer sit quietly for a few minutes before going onto other activities.
9. Participate regularly in the Divine Liturgy and Holy Communion, fasting on Wednesday and Friday, and also participate in Holy Confession at least two times each year.
10. Seek guidance from your spiritual father on the above.
From St. George Orthodox Cathedral, USA

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  1. great guidelines. Easy to use and easy to learn.