Monday, 21 July 2014

Prayer before starting the Jesus Prayer

In his fine book "On the Prayer of Jesus" Ignatius Brianchaninov offers the following prayer for those who want to start praying the Jesus Prayer:

"O Giver of a priceless, incorruptible gift! How can we sinful mortals receive the gift? Neither our hands, nor our mind, nor our heart are capable of receiving it. Do Thou teach us to know, as far as we are able, the greatness of the gift, and its significance, and the ways of receiving it, and the ways of using it, that we may not approach the gift in a sinful manner, that we may not be punished for indiscretion and audacity, but that for the right understanding and use of the gift, we may receive from Thee other gifts, promised by Thee, known only to Thee."
"On the Prayer of Jesus" page 19

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