Monday, 11 August 2014


I am currently finding saying the Jesus Prayer a bit of a battle. Gone are the tears and the warmth of knowing the presence of God and instead each repetition is a battle against distractions. Before, it seemed to be the odd one that slipped under my guard, which after a determined effort receded as I re-focussed on the prayer and on Jesus. Now, however, distractions seem to come in swarms and like water seeping through a cracked slate, finds it's way into the prayer leading me away from focussing on Jesus. How can I overcome this?

In her book on the Jesus Prayer in response to the question: "How fast should I say the prayer", Frederica Mathewes-Green gives this advice:

" might need to say (the Prayer) very quickly, tying the end of one prayer to the beginning of the next, in order to keep a crack from opening up where other thoughts could push their way in."
Worth a try.

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  1. The problem with trying to force away your distractions by trying to prevent gaps frm arising between the prayers is that it involves mental effort and stress, which are not appropriate for a contemplative practice. Perhaps a "letting go" gesture like in Centering Prayer might help you to relax and not get worked up about the bombardment of thoughts, we all experience some times (no matter what practice we follow).